Scope of supply

  • A one-meter Electric servo movement system to move the fresh and finished component too and from the CNC mounting station to the indexing table.
  • A rotating component grabbing system.
  • Can indexing table for the component mounting with the lifters for the fresh and finished components.
  • Structure for the pick and place mechanism with indexing table mounting.
  • A 10 Magazine stack system with 20 components for the smallest height gear.
  • Sensor and control system for complete pick and place arrangement with the interfacing of existing machine.
  • Servo controlled- Gantry, indexing table and component lifting system.
  • Mitsubishi PLC system with programming for the application.
  • Electrical panel and field wiring system for the system.

Technical Specs of the System

SNo. Description Specification
1. Pick and place Stroke length 1 meters
2. Pick and place Control Servo
3. Indexing table size 800*800
4. No of Spokes in table 10
5. Height of Spokes 900mm
6. Indexing table control Servo
7. Structure height from ground 1 meter
8. Gripper type rotating Pneumatic
9. Gripper claws types (2 types) Pneumatic
10. Stack lifting arm control Servo
11. PLC -
12. Electrical panel 800*600mm