• A Test Bench to hold Pump, Control Valves, Piping and other instrumentation as per requirement.

         A power pack which will work as prime mover for the system.
             a. Variable Frequency Drive to change the rpm
             b. Pump mounting arrangement
             c. Hydraulic Tank
             d. Heater/ Cooling pack to manage the Hydraulic Oil Temp.
             e. Control panel to manage the Power Pack.
  • An arrangement (stepper Motor) to push/pull the spool in steps and up to ±15 mm on both sides.
  • Encoder or arrangement to provide the feedback of the travel of spool.
  • Pressure transmitter’s to measure the Line pressure .
  • A temp transmitter to measure the Oil Temp as per schematic.
  • Flow meter’s to measure the flow as per schematic.
  • A Loading Valve to load the Pump.
  • Data logger/controller to record the Pressure, Flow, Temp & displacement against time and to control the Stepper motors.