The Gear Test Rig is system which is used for the testing of Gear Boxes in ESCORTS AGRIMACHINERY Pvt. Ltd. The System is based on the PLC and HMI controlling followed by NI LABVIEW Software to bring all the system test parameters on an IPC for report generation and a better General User Interface (GUI). This system is an automated testing setup using Hydraulic Actuators, variable RPM Drive motors, Motor & pumps for the oil circulation in the gearbox.


  • Automatic clamping and De-Clamping of the Test Component using Hydraulic Actuators.
  • Time based oil filling and Draining through motor and Pump System.
  • GUI for the Gear engagement and Test Sequence Monitoring.
  • LABVIEW for Report Generation and Test Parameters Checking.
  • Seperate Manual and Automatic controller box for machine Opertaion.