Transmission test rigs enable functional & durability testing of Transmission components at the End of Line. Custom design and manufacturing of test rigs for testing transmission components including gearboxes, drive shafts, differentials and complete transaxles is undertaken. Testrig For transmission comes with complete operational and analysis software made in NI LabVIEW with complete interface with Ni Hardware, Mechanical systems PLC’s and HMI.


  • Transmission test rig is for the performance and quality assurance testing for Transmission on the production line.
  • It involves a development of testing system of transmission for different online test RPM ratio test, Direction Test, Vibration Test and Run in Test.
  • Drive motor is mounted on X direction adjustable system through hydraulic Actuator.
  • The system is with NAS 9 Oil filtration system and inline torque and RPM measurement system.
  • The Testing software and system is designed on NI LabVIEW software and real time hardware.
  • The LH, RH Brakes and Differential Lock are actuated through pneumatic actuators during the testing.
  • The PTO Lever efforts are also tested through load cell attached to the pneumatic actuated arm.