ASTA Technologies design and manufacture custom test rigs for testing transmission components including gearboxes, drive shafts, differentials and complete transaxles. Transmission test rigs enable functional & durability testing of components and the research of the excitation and noise behavior of transmissions and their components.


  • Transmission test rig is for the performance and quality assurance testing for Transmission on the production line.
  • It involves a development of testing system of transmission for different online test RPM ratio test, Direction Test, Vibration Test and Run in Test.
  • Drive motor is mounted on X direction adjustable system through hydraulic Actuator.
  • The system is with NAS 9 Oil filtration system and inline torque and RPM measurement system.
  • The Testing software and system is designed on NI LabVIEW software and real time hardware.
  • The LH, RH Brakes and Differential Lock are actuated through pneumatic actuators during the testing.
  • The PTO Lever efforts are also tested through load cell attached to the pneumatic actuated arm.